Osaka University GLOBAL COE PROGRAM A Research Base for Conflict Studies in the Humanities


Osaka University Forum 2010 "Globalization and Conflict: Entanglement between Local and Cosmopolitan Orientations"

September 28-30, 2010
Aproximación Interdisciplinaria a los Conflictos en torno a los Discursos Andinos

December 8-10, 2009
Reframing Development: Post-Development, Globalization, and the Human Condtion

April 7-10, 2009
AJJ Fall Meeting 2008: Sites of Conflict and Conflict Resolution In and With Japan

November 8-9, 2008
Japan Consortium for Human Security Education and ResearchAnnual Meeting 2008

September 20-21, 2008
Migration and Identities: Conflict and the New Horizon

August 24-26, 2008
WCAA OSAKA 2008: Conflict, Cooperation, and Anthropologies’ Role in the World

July 11-13, 2008
Globalization, Difference, and Human Security

March 12-14, 2008

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