Osaka University GLOBAL COE PROGRAM A Research Base for Conflict Studies in the Humanities

 Research Focus
 Research Project, 2011
 Research Project, 2010
 Research Project, 2009
 Research Project, 2008
 Research Project, 2007
Research Projects, 2007
1. Projects organized by the program members
Linguistic contact and conflicts in the Okinawan immigrant society in Bolivia.
Project leader: Mayumi Kudo

"Glocal" conflict in arts and media
Project leader: Tsukasa Kodera

Comprehensive research on popular culture and social conflicts
Project leader: Ichiro Tomiyama

Theoretical and methodological research for understanding "conflict": Anthropological approaches
Project leader: Naoki Kasuga

An ethnography of value-based conflicts
Project leader: Satoshi Nakagawa

Current problems of medical treatment, welfare and educational support for foreign residents in Japan
Project leader: Mitsuho Ikeda

Educational strategy for 'transient people': From the aspect of cross-cultural conflict
Project leader: Kokichi Shimizu

A study of chauvinistic nationalism and violence from a gender perspective: Working towards conflict prevention, amelioration and resolution
Project Leader: Toshio Tomoeda

Global conflicts and intellectuals
Project leader: Wolfgang Schwentker

Conflicts on 'history': The 'past' and 'present' of the Andes region
Project leader: Hidefuji Someda

Strengthening systems to mitigate the conflicts between non-Japanese residents and Japanese
Project leader: Yasuhide Nakamura

Research on conflicts over global standards of human rights and 'Asian values'
Project leader: Yasumasa Hirasawa

The Possibilities and limitations of transcultural psychiatry on migration issues: From the perspective of the Humanities
Project leader: Tadashi Kobayashi

2. Projects organized by the specially appointed staff
Alternative justice in Asia-Pacific and Africa: Perspectives in law and anthropology
Project leader: Shin-ichiro Ishida

Making visual materials for conflict studies
Project leader: Sachiko Tanuma

Co-labo (collaboration/laboratory) 100 for ethnographic writing
Project leader: Sachiko Tanuma

Research on the publicness of culture/art and social conflict
Project leader: Yayoi Yoshizawa

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